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Lake Cumberland Info

Please click on the above left link button for more useful information on the Lake Cumberland area. Fisherman and visitors who fish Lake Cumberland with Burton's Guide Service often ask a lot of questions about the lake. I have provided some basic info here but the link button on this page opens up tons of information on the lake. The Lake Cumberland reservoir is 101 miles long in length and has 1,255 miles of shoreline. The reservoir normally fluctuates between 50,250 acres at the top of the power pool and a minimum surface area of 35,820 acres. During periods of heavy rain the surface area may reach 63,530 acres. The normal pool elevation (summer pool) is 723 feet above mean sea level. This elevation is near the tree line around the lake. The surface water temperature during the summer months range from 78 to 83 degrees and 40-45 degrees during the winter. The deepest part of Lake Cumberland is 200 feet at 723’ pool elevation and is located in the original river channel near the dam.

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